Professional Development Content

Insystech has established a long-term partnership with ASCD. The Global Leader in offering Professional Development for Teachers and Education Leaders.

Premium Content

Through this partnership, customers have access to a large professional development repository (including videos and courses) through TEAMS that is aligned to Charlotte Danielson’s model. Employees can complete and reflect on courses assigned to them at their own pace without having to login to a different system which makes professional development a positive and engaging user experience.

The following resources are integrated into TEAMS from ASCD:

PD Online: An award-winning online courses are developed by noted experts and practitioners and address the most relevant topics facing educators today.

PD InFocus: On-demand professional learning platform provides online access to ASCD’s extensive library of teaching practice videos.

Self-Authored Content

Teams provides school districts with the framework to author and index their own content alongside any premium content where all easily accessible by users from a single, searchable interface.

Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI)

TEAMS is an open platform for professional development and learning for both students and professionals alike. All content provided through TEAMS can be integrated into hundreds of learning platforms that support the IMS Global standard for LTI®.

LTI® is a specification developed by IMS Global Learning Consortium. The principal concept of LTI is to establish a standard way of integrating rich learning applications (often remotely hosted and provided through third-party services) with platforms like learning management systems, portals, learning object repositories, or other educational environments. Using LTI, our professional development content is a “Provider” of content that can be consumed by an LMS, or other platforms considered as Consumers of content.