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21st Century Skills: Promoting Creativity and Innovation in the Classroom

Open new doors of learning opportunity to your students by using the strategies and ideas showcased in this presentation. Drawing from what innovative Fortune 500 companies do to promote creativity and innovation in the workplace, this video fieldtrip takes you to dynamic classrooms to show real-world strategies for your classroom curriculum and instruction. See how teachers promote creativity by encouraging students to express themselves in multiple media and by engaging them in tasks that require open-ended problem solving and creative thinking. Teachers explain how they make collaboration a classroom norm and allow students to engage in authentic, real-world tasks and experiences.

A Common Core Implementation Manifesto – Teacher Activity – Beginning/Intermediate

Teacher Activity – Beginning/Intermediate: A year into bridging Common Core literacy standards and social studies curriculum, a District of Columbia Public School teacher identifies four areas of focus to successfully transition to the new standards. (CCSS — History and Development, Purpose and Goals)

A Common Mission: Safety

This video describes how a multifaceted culture of safety in Summit Charter Academy continually reminds students that they can safely learn and grow. Watch how educators strive to create and maintain a healthy, safe, and supportive learning environment for every child.

Are the Kids Learning?

In this segment, Sheninger and Della Vedova share statistics and experiences that highlight greater student achievement, pointing to an indirect influence social media has had on this success.

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