The Most Comprehensive Evaluations & Assets Management System

TEAMS Core Features

TEAMS Framework

TEAMS is a cloud-based software as a service solution, and has a number of powerful Hubs that give your district the tools that it needs on a regular basis; all in one spot. The framework is fit to suit a variety of your school district’s needs, and the TEAMS Hubs can be used as standalone modules or as an integrated suite. TEAMS provides school and district set up, communication, security, and user authentication management, as well as source data collection and management.

Evaluations Hub

Provides schools the opportunity to carry out the entire Teacher, Principal and Staff evaluations process, securely on the web. School Improvement Plans management, State Reporting functionality is also available. Also includes Teacher Observations using mobile devices, SLO management and other great features to make the overall evaluation process efficient, easy and open.

Professional Development

TEAMS offers the most opportunities for teachers and principals to achieve professional growth by recommending the best Professional Development (PD) content from various sources, including ASCD. The PD content is mapped to the evaluation domains, providing evaluators and evaluees the ability to select the most optimal and relevant content and utilize it in their professional practice.

Assets Hub

Allows designated users to easily upload instructional assets (instructional resources, test items) that can be used by the entire school. Resources can be aligned to Common Core or other Standards. Includes options for approval, user-specific uploading and management privileges. Provides schools the opportunity to collaborate with other schools, districts to get the best assets.

Search Hub

Integrates with the Assets Hub by providing an easy to use search engine for all users. Schools may upload content via the Assets Hub, allowing users to access the content quickly and easily through the Search Hub. A simple keyword and facet search engine interface is tied to a top quality back-end search feature that parses through the entirety of file contents from a given resource library, including meta tags added by schools.

Reports Hub

Tailored to provide all of your users with various levels of reports, including both summary and detailed views. Importing and exporting features allow schools and districts to easily collect data as per their own needs and requirements; lending a strong hand in mandated data collection procedures. Report filters and robust data visualization allows schools to obtain any combination of information they need at any time they would like.

Customer Testimonials

“The TEAMS Evaluations Hub provides the best way to automate the business process of TPE and provides the platform for teachers and principals to communicate. It is great for the district administrators as it automates management of this entire process and provides complete ‘audit’ of the process, including tracking of all changes to SLOs, SIP and tracks discussion between principals and teachers.”

Ms. Amy Hollstein
Deputy Superintendent
Charles County Public Schools, MD

“Our principals have already saved a lot of time in managing the teachers SLO creation process. And I am certain we will save a lot more time with the scores being computed automatically and presented, rather than them having to manage everything in spreadsheets.”

Mr. Cliff Eichel
Director of Research & Assessment
Charles County Public Schools, MD

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