Professional Development

Cycle of Continuous ImprovementTEAMS has a built-in PD recommendation engine that identifies appropriate PD content based on evaluation outcomes aligned to standard evaluation frameworks, including Charlotte Danielson, CCSSO-PSEL. Supervisors can assign recommended PD content or identify others from a wealth of content repository. Teachers, Principals can preview the content and commit to completing them.

The system tracks PD content usage and allows PD content users to provide reflection, star ratings of the content. Supervisors have the opportunity to revisit/re-observe the Teacher or the Principal to analyze the impact of PD in their classroom, school. Enabling this process to flow smoothly through notifications and information flow with transparency in a timely manner has led to the belief that TEAMS enables “continuous improvement”.

School districts can offer PD content from their own content libraries or utilize content from the TEAMS PD content repository, which includes high quality, standards aligned content from ASCD, the National Leader in Professional Development of Educators.

TEAMS Customers are excited about the integrated professional development approach, and they truly believe that TEAMS could lead to Continuous Improvement of their Educators.

“I truly believe this will be the game changer in teacher, principal evaluations, I wish this system was around when I was a Teacher”

Ms. Amy Hollstein
Deputy Superintendent
Charles County Public Schools, MD


TEAMS encourages Teacher, Principal participation in Professional Development by offering Badges, Micro-Credentials tied to their PD achievements. Districts can setup their own badges and levels of achievement and offer various incentives.

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