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TEAMS is rich in features—all of which are available via the Internet with cloud-based offerings for sharing Instructional Resources across multiple school districts. Teachers and students have 24X7 access to lesson plans, supplemental material, and tests that can be accumulated by collaborative efforts of school districts that meet state-defined standards. Instructional Resources are not published until reviewed and approved by an authorized panel of educators.

Strategic Planning


The Assets Hub is the heart of the software. Its features include:

  • Instructional Resources (IRs) can be (and should be) created using a collaborative effort by assigning specific components to school districts to best equipped to deliver quality content based upon their track record.
  • Instructional Resources include tests that have been reviewed and approved by an appointed panel.
  • All content is aligned to local and national standards and is available 24X7.
  • Content is designed for both school and home use by students and parents.
  • The content may include files found in the public domain.
Clients Relationship

Ease of Integration

Content is easily integrated with existing repositories of content districts currently manage. Sources of content may include:

  • Content previously created for the school or school district.
  • Content developed by other cooperating school districts.
  • Content available in the public domain.
  • Content developed by students and teachers at the school.
Insurance Services

Super Fast Search Engine

Having a wealth of quality content is only valuable if it can be found quickly. The Search Hub is a super-fast search engine yielding results in the millisecond level and has high performance features comparable to proprietary search engines like faceted search, full text search, rich document handling.

Teachers will be pleasantly surprised by the response time even with a humongous data repository.

Risk Management

Flexible Report Engine

The Reports Hub provides immediate access to reports and analyses designed to streamline planning and measurement of student, teacher and school performance over time. It includes various features such as:

  • View Top Rated, Last Accessed, and Favorite Reports
  • Filters by school, grade level, school year, demographics, and even for individual students where permitted.
  • Export and share results.
  • Graphical and tabular data views for each report.
  • Drill-through discovery.

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