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Benefits to District Administrators

TEAMS provides district administrators the ability to easily access, monitor, and manage staff data, evaluations of all types, and content management of all types:

  • Comprehensive, tailored evaluations: Works with your district to bring your evaluation process to the web.
  • Easy to use resource management: Define your own content management methods, teams, and more.
  • Streamlined user experience: Offer staff an easy way to access their evaluation data, learning objectives, instructional or professional resources, and more.

Benefits to Principals

Principals have the advantage of easily completing their daily tasks in a fraction of the time, with all the tools they need at their fingertips:

  • Evaluations are completed through TEAMS and scores are made available as and when needed. Reports are readily available to give principals a full picture of their school's current status.
  • Content management: Principals can quickly access and delegate resources utilized by their school, including content provided by the district.
  • Principals can quickly complete scoring of initiatives, goals, and any other required scoring for their school or district.

Benefits to Teachers

Teachers are given the ability to access, monitor, complete, and follow up on their evaluation requirements in one spot. Some of these features include:

  • Teacher Dashboard: Teachers can easily view the scores applied to their record for the year.
  • Learning objective and response management: Teachers are given the opportunity to store their learning objectives in TEAMS, and respond to forms as required by the school or district.
  • Search engine for resources: All staff, including teachers, can easily search for district-approved instructional or professional resources to use anywhere and at any time.

Professional Development Benefits

TEAMS offers comprehensive professional development features tailored to the district's needs. Districts have the ability to administer assignments, badges, and recognition levels for professional development:

  • Micro-credentialing: Design and reward staff members with badges that reflect PD achievements
  • PD Recommendation engine: Instantly recommends PD resources after an evaluation is conducted. Recommendations are based on the domains observed in the evaluation.
  • PD Assignments: Use recommendations to easily assign PD resources to staff members, or select assignments at the end of an observation.
  • PD Reflections: Teachers and Principals can provide their feedback on effectiveness of the PD content, and how they have used the PD in their classroom, school, providing supervisors the opportunity to gauge effectiveness of PD.

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